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If you are a singer, rapper, label, executive producer, video director / film / video / web series etc., and are looking for quality music free of rights (Music Companies no fee), in various genres, for various projects, you are exactly right! bring you what you need, easily and at a reduced price!

Do not wait, visit our Instrumental Store to discover our wide instrumentals / beats catalog.
To order, just follow the few steps outlined on the left of the music player.

Most instrumentals available are non-exclusive. This means that grants non-exclusive licenses to buyers:

 STANDARD, GOLD and PLATINUM , For artists .

 SYNC , For filmmakers, film producers, media professionals and broadcasters.



Exclusive Instrumentals
Award of an exclusive license

If you are ambitious, you are a singer, rapper, label, executive producer, video director / film / video / web series etc., you probably want to invest a little more than an instrument in non-exclusive ( "lease"). If you want to be the only user of your instrumental / beat, then you should consider acquiring an exclusive instrument !

For a limited time

Available for a limited time. If no one has purchased the instrument before the end of the countdown, then the instrument will be available for non-exclusive license in the Instrumentals Store.


    Click + next to the instrument chosen (multiple control possible)
    Choose Exclusive license (instrumentals with the E icon)
    Click Buy (conversion price in Euros available)
    Choose your payment method (credit card or Paypal)
    You will receive immediately an email with the download link and your license



Award of an exclusive license
Use in an unlimited number of New Artworks (voice recordings and synchronization *)
unlimited sales and distribution units / copies / downloads the New Artworks
Streaming internet: Readings / unlimited monetized views
Concerts and public performances (paid or unpaid): Unlimited
radio broadcasting, Internet and TV **
Remix and editing (modification, transformation)
100% free (no royalty due)
100% of the rights (ownership and moral) held by
Music Credits awarded to the director of
Instrumental (beat) sent (without Voicetag) mp3 and wav
Stems / track-outs (separate tracks) sent
Prohibition sampler
Instrumental / beat can not be resold by

(*) Synchronization and adaptation rights: read 5.3. the Exclusive License

(**) TV Broadcast - specific conditions: Read 5.2.3. the Exclusive License


Exclusive instrumentals offered by were never sold as nonexclusive license before.
Exclusive intruder may only be available for some time (see displayed timers). If a customer buys, then it will automatically be removed from the music player or marked as sold ( "Sold" in English), and may not be offered for sale to any customer. If nobody bought it when the timer period has elapsed, then the instrument will be available for non-exclusive license in the Instrumental Store.


Instrumental (beat) only, that is to say without "Contribution" by you (voice, image, video ...), can not be used or distributed or sold by any means whatsoever.
The exclusive license agreement legally binds you to

To read the license agreement Exclusive, please click here
If you have questions, read the FAQ or contact us directly.



Depending on your tastes and your needs

custom music offers to perform a custom music based on your tastes and needs. These instrumental (beats) custom are sold to a single user, that is to say, they can not be resold to a third party by Music (Master) becomes your property. No limit to the New Artworks, distribution, sales, promotions, broadcast TV / radio, concerts and other public performances.

What we propose
The realization of original music (instrumental / beat, without words) according to your demand, tastes, needs: single composition or arrangements + arrangements. These services are provided by musical directors (composers / arrangers) with over 10 years experience in the music industry.

What you will receive

Instrumental (beat) unique and bespoke (digital audio file High Quality MP3 & WAV format) A check on the mix / mastering, with multiple possible revisions on request "stems" or all audio tracks of music available download on server (format: wav audio, 44 ​​kHz / 24 bits).


HOW TO BUY instrumentals / Dubs / Riddims

  1 -  Click + next to the instrument chosen (multiple control possible)
   2 -  Choose your license (Standard, Gold, Platinum, Sync or Exclusive)
   3 -   Click Buy Now
   4 - Choose your payment method (credit card or Paypal)
   5 - You will receive immediately an email with download links and your license


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