From the recording Where I come from

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Wo ou wo
my country that I love Jamaica land land of beauty
where I come from
a little Island
in the Caribbean and so I sing again where I come from
and island in the caribbean , eeeh
Verse - we have a rich heritage so it gives us nuff,--previlege Jamaica land
nuff coconut water
nuff Tourist come ya and bring back brauta number one tourist destination
fill with spot for vacation for all nations
where I come from
jamaica island
thugs in the garrisons stop doing wrong where I am from
an Island in the Caribbean
there's so mi come from
Some go to Montego Bay some go to negril
go look a cottage down there they want a nice place to chill
and life in ochy is nice when people come here don't have to think twice so am not a ashamed
Where I come Jamaica Jamaica island i'm proud to be jamaican
where I come from
my little island in the caribbean
Jamaica so nice
Verse +
Bob Marley bring Jamaica to the four corners of this earth Usain Bolt
show the people what life is worth
with heights of motivation
a lot of youths look up to Shelly Ann Fraser
where I come from Jamaica Jamaica island i am a proud jamaican where I come from Jamaica Jamaica island
deh so mi come from where i am from eeh eh i am proud jamaican
Jahvan i is my name so mi tell them jamaica mi come from i love jamaica
i proud to be jamaican